How we buy watches?

watchboxbygovberg.com has established an industry-leading reputation for purchasing and offering only finest pre-owned luxury watches available. Although watchboxbygovberg.com receives over 200 weekly purchase requests, the company’s rigorous evaluation process ensures that only the top 15-20 percent of that pool will reach our online storefront. Those that make the cut have passes a tiered system of quality control that sets the standard for the luxury pre-owned watch sector.

Our quality assurance process commences before we receive a candidate for purchase; each of our luxury watchprofessionals works to ascertain the history, condition, and accessories associated with the watch to be evaluated.


Upon arrival at watchboxbygovberg.com’s headquarters in Hollywood, Florida, each watch package is documented to exhaustion via real-time video recordings and still photography of the unboxing process. Condition, accessories, paperwork, components, and manufactuer packaging associated with an incoming timepiece are documented in multiple media as they are removed from the shipping box. watchboxbygovberg.com

Operations Department personnel immediately record the serial numbers of the watch, cross reference each serial number with factory documents included with the watch to ensure each corresponds, and compare the serial number to a vast electronic database of known counterfeit serial numbers.


Following extensive documentation and a preliminary intake inspection of condition, the watch will be forwarded to the watchboxbygovberg.com Watchmaking Department for in-depth evaluation of authenticity, aesthetic condition, and functional integrity. Led by former Hublot and Chopard master watchmaker Michael Michaels, CW-21, the Watchmaking Department is a fully-equipped luxury watch service center with comprehensive professional certifications and factory parts accounts for many major brands. Equipment for timing, water testing, and scrutinizing watches under extreme magnification are employed to assess the wholistic integrity of a watch that may be offered by watchboxbygovberg.com.

The Watchmaking Department also notes the measures that will be required to return each timepiece to factory specifications. In many cases, watchboxbygovberg.com will decline to accept and offer watches that fail to meet this threshold of functional and aesthetic integrity.


If a watch can be returned to factory performance and appearance, this information will be passed to the luxury watch professional who is maintaining communication with the watch’s owner. While watchboxbygovberg.com will not offer a watch that fails to meet factory specification, our vast in-house expertise in case refinishing, mechanical overhauls, and factory-certified techniques allows us to work with clients to restore their sale and consignment watches to a high standard before they are offered.

Watches that meet the watchubox.com mandates of absolute authenticity, indisputable provenance, and oustanding condition are offered to a global clientele via the pre-owned luxury watch industry’s leading .com storefront, eBay storefront, and social media marketing authority.