About Us

Watchbox by Govberg is the global destination for luxury pre-owned timepieces, offering
an expertly curated inventory of luxury pre-owned watches for sale, personalized
client services, educational opportunities and astute editorial content.
Fueled by tech-aided convenience.

In tune with today’s modern connected consumer, Watchbox by Govberg operates under
the premise that time is your greatest luxury, and pricing transparency is paramount
to establish trust. Our associates are some of the most passionate watch
enthusiasts in the business, maintaining a level of knowledge regarding the history,
nuances of current collections and pulse of the secondary marketplace to welcome
you into our world; lend expert council and keep you captivated.

We have developed dynamic services to support collecting behaviors; buying, selling and trading of watches from
private clients –from you –backed by extensive and reliable market data. Along with an extraordinary array of pre-owned
timepieces for sale, our services are accessible online or over the phone, through our mobile app and within showrooms
and private buying offices in Hong Kong, Miami and Philadelphia. Redefining the luxury experience.